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Головна » 2012 » Січень » 15

Logos Christian Center held a Christmas party given by the children who were learning  English.  For this celebration the Lord brought in not only the children but also their parents and guests.   There were about 60 people total in attendance.  The program  staged a traditional group of Ukrainian children in traditional costume going to a home where they sang carols, recited poems and the story of Jesus entering the world.  Sister Natalya directed this portion.   Then they went to the home of an American family,namely sister Pam, who received the group of Ukrainian children into their home to hear what they had learned in their English classes that fall.  After the  performance of  the children, the community of parents, guests,and missionaries from several different churches sang some traditional English carols, first in English then in Ukrainian.  The "kids" of all ages enjoyed the sweets table afterwards.  E ... Читати далі »
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